Are You Looking To Finance Solar Power Leases (PPA) In The Next 6-12 Months, Or Less?

Did you ever hear the expression that “the right consultant can often expedite and simplify the process”?

Welcome to First Woodland, LLC - The Renewable Energy Consultants

First Woodland, LLC- The Renewable Energy Consultants quickly helps EPC’s, Commercial, Industrial and Government power consumers seeking to lease clean solar power from an independent power producer (IPP) who will finance, own and operate the power project for your benefit in exchange for a power leasing commitment with a duration of 8 to 25 years.

As renewal energy consultants we can help make that happen and simplify the process!

Our PPA - Lease Financing may include rooftop repairs and/or replacement, LED lighting (including parking area), HVAC replacement, energy management system, and other efficient energy use products.

Also, many times, surety bonds play an important strategy in obtaining financing, not as a credit enhancement but to assure the project completion and the continued delivery of clean solar power, and we can help you enhance your bonding capacity as well.

To learn more about these important topics read below or call us today.