Additional Commercial Power Consumer Opportunities

We have explained how you can obtain lower energy rates without investing millions of dollars by leasing your energy. You may also enjoy the opportunity of adding energy and cost-saving products like LED lighting, HVAC improvements, roof improvements and more without the responsibility of capitalizing these features yourself.

Each power consumer has its own complex current rate structure including base rates, demand fees and add-ons charged by the utility and each project has its own unique features. In analyzing your power needs there may be room in the transaction to include additional cost-saving products. First Woodland will listen to your desires and needs and communicate those to the chosen IPP that will make every effort to try and accommodate these needs when possible.

The IPP gains a long-term client, enabling them to build and operate a solar array while enjoying tax advantages. In a number of states, the IPP can also use energy grants to improve their investment and offer you additional products.

The environment sees a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions thanks to the use of solar energy instead of coal or oil.