Every Step of the Way

Solar energy is the future, but one reason solar has been slow to develop in the United States is because there are no uniform federal regulations and each state sets its own rules. States with progressive renewable energy policies frequently changed regulations, which made it complicated to plan and successfully complete solar projects. That is why it is a major advantage to have a transaction expert like First Woodland on your side. We work with a network of IPPs that possess vast experience and understand how to comply with the regulations of your state’s power commission, requirements of your local power utility, and permitting needs of your local government. The IPP is ultimately responsible for obtaining regulatory approval of the project in order to construct a solar power facility.

First Woodland encourages leasing where the local laws and regulations permit it. However, if you are interested in owning your own solar project and wish to seek financing, engineering, construction and/or operation and maintenance of the project, First Woodland can help assemble those services as well.