Why Choose First Woodland

We offer commercial power consumers the opportunity to save both time and money.

Saving Time

First Woodland is a renewable energy consultant that provides commercial energy consumers with the opportunity to go green and convert to solar power through a seamless process. This process eliminates upfront investment while providing long-term discounted rates for your energy. First Woodland and its network of independent power producers (IPPs) are knowledgeable and resourceful in the area of renewable energy.

First Woodland’s team includes professionals with extensive experience in renewable energy and backgrounds in financial services, insurance, surety, sales and marketing. First Woodland and its IPPs have the know-how to evaluate a power program for the benefit of the commercial energy consumer.

Saving Money

First Woodland will match you with an IPP that will finance, own and operate a solar power project for your benefit in exchange for a long-term power leasing commitment. Obtaining permission to build the project is one of the key responsibilities of a capable and knowledgeable IPP. In the states that provide encouragement for a commercial power consumer to lease their power, an IPP pays for equipment, installation and operation. That will save you money – often millions of dollars – that you can reinvest in your business by leasing instead of buying your solar project.

You, the commercial energy consumer, will get a discounted rate on your electricity and can lock in a rate for 20 to 25 years. While rates may increase for the company next door, you will see a steady rate, with minor adjustments for inflation, for the length of the agreement. And, as a more efficient user of energy with lower energy costs, your property may become more valuable. In addition to the energy savings reflected in your bottom line, your company will be supporting its community in the expansion of green energy initiatives.