Attention EPCs

Learn More About First Woodland's Solar Lease Strategies

Securing Financing With First Woodland Is As Simple As 1-2-3:

First Woodland, LLC-The Renewable Energy Consultants work closely with EPCs involved in planning new C&I, institutional and government solar projects that are looking to attract investors to bring their plans to fruition. Typically, these situations arise as EPCs build relationships with potential off-takers, such as those described here, that want the advantages of utilizing clean, renewable solar energy, but prefer not to participate directly in the capitalization of new C&I solar projects.

Next, the First Woodland team includes professionals with extensive experience in renewable energy and backgrounds in financial services, insurance, surety, sales and marketing. They can help EPCs with all aspects of their financing efforts – from identifying target groups of investors most suitable for their projects, to reviewing and refining proposals and presentations, and procuring appropriate bonding and insurance to address critical financial risk management and underwriting requirements.

Meeting The Needs For Third-Party Financing:

First Woodland, LLC - The Renewable Energy Consultants, helps prepare a complete and comprehensive proposal attracting favorable interest from an experienced renewable energy financial resource. Obtain prompt approval, so you can begin your project now instead of waiting months or years.

The development of these exciting new solar energy leasing arrangements often calls for third-party financing. That’s where the expertise of First Woodland, LLC - The Renewable Energy Consultants comes into play. If surety bonds are required by a counterparty First Woodland, LLC can arrange that as well.

There’s an active and growing investment community getting behind the rapidly increasing number of commercial, industrial, institutional and government solar projects now underway in all parts of the U.S. Nonetheless, many of these financiers have appetites for specific types of projects, such as those in certain geographic areas or that involve certain industries, types of institutions or government entities.

Therefore securing the required financing for C&I solar projects often calls for a keen understanding of the IPP’s specific underwriting criteria and further understanding the added value they are looking for to apply to their decision making processes that will assist them in the positive outcome for the benefit of the energy consumer. First Woodland, LLC often offers adding surety bonds to expedite the underwriting process.

The Preference For Solar Power Lease Arrangements:

Even though these entities generally can afford to build a multi-million dollar solar project they own by themselves, they prefer to contract with an IPP that will lease the power back to them. These arrangements are typically a win-win, with the off-takers benefiting from the discounted rates provided by the IPP on a guaranteed basis in exchange for a long-term commitment, which benefits the IPP and the C&I power consumer.

A Key Advantage For The End-Users/Off-Takers:

Procuring the energy from the IPP enables them to avoid the multi-million dollar investment otherwise required to build their own solar array. They can then deploy the capital to grow their operations while still contributing to the international effort to use renewable energy, support clean air, reduce dependency on fossil fuels and contribute to the fight against global warming. At the same time, they control their energy costs for the next 20 - 25 years based on their agreement with the IPP. The right consultant can often expedite and simplify this process.

To find out if our PPA lease financing strategy is what you are looking for, please contact our Information Consultant, Alicia Walter, at (866) 535-7007 or fill-out the form below.