Business is looking up, but are you finding all the right opportunities? 

These are exciting times for independent power producers. Today, interest in solar energy among commercial, industrial, institutional and government concerns in all parts of the country has never been higher.

At the same time, growing numbers of state and local governments are enacting legislation to encourage businesses and other entities to obtain more power from renewable sources.

More municipal power authorities and utilities are doing their part to facilitate transitions to solar energy.

And banks and other financial institutions are recognizing the benefits of expanding their asset base by providing financing for these green initiatives.

The convergence of all these trends have created a groundswell of solar opportunities for IPPs. Nonetheless, the challenge is finding the projects that represent the best fit for both the IPP and the commercial or industrial consumer. That’s where First Woodland comes in.

Our experienced team of energy, construction and finance experts works with commercial and industrial enterprises in all sectors that have strong financials and want the benefit of reliable solar energy sources without the upfront investment or commitment that comes with owning their energy source. Most of these firms need monthly generating capacity of 500 kw to 15 megawatts and are interested in entering long-term lease agreements of 20 – 25 years to procure lower-cost solar energy.

First Woodland carefully evaluates the power requirements of each enterprise, obtains their financials and pre-qualifies them before referring them to an appropriate IPP. The IPP then determines whether it would like to proceed with the project, calculates potential energy savings for the user, prepares a project term sheet for the commercial or industrial power purchaser, as well as the power purchase agreement, and handles all arrangements for the construction and management of the solar array.

In some cases, as agreed by the IPP and the power purchaser, the C&I solar projects may include add-on features, such as such as rooftop improvements (if a rooftop project), LED lighting upgrades to parking or common areas, or installation of more energy efficient HVAC and insulation.

To protect the interests of all parties involved in a solar project from construction through ongoing management and maintenance, First Woodland can also help IPPs identify surety providers with expertise in the solar and renewable sector.

To learn how First Woodland can help your firm expand its business with the right partners, contact our Information Consultant, Alicia Walter, at (866) 535-7007.